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I have a deep undying love for perfumes. I not just love to buy them, but I also love it when someone crosses me and is wearing a lovely perfume.

So the other day, I was wearing my favorite perfume Eternity to office. As usual it catches a lot of attention and appreciations from people around. One of my fellow female colleague is in the ‘make over’ mood these days and is goes around asking a lot of questions about clothes, diets, shoes etc. after smelling the perfume on me, she decided to buy one for herself too.

Today when I wore eternity, as a coincidence, she ended up wearing the same perfume. However, it did not smell nice on her. It gave out a very pungent spicy smell which I do not like in my perfumes. Boggled by the difference in smells of the same perfume, she asked why it does not smell the same. I had to tell her that perfumes change smell based on a person’s personal smell or oils.

The mistake that she made is very common when it comes to people buying perfumes. They smell the perfume on the smell cards, and do not try it on their skin and therefore buy it based on the smell they get. Most even buy smell simply because it’s popular.

Perfumes are costly affairs, therefore, my advice to everyone would be, try the smell on your skin and don’t get influenced on how it smells on someone else.


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  1. Very true indeed! Keep writing, I’m especially intrigued by your cakes 🙂


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