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Friends, one of the most commonly used word and relation. But somehow it has lost its value, definition and importance with time.

 I had a common definition for friendship which I could easily relate to with all my friends. Friends are those who are part of you, but are not you. Does not make sense does it? No it does not to many. It means, friends know you, understand you like they are a part of you. Yet they can be completely different people, with choices contrasting to yours, thoughts different from yours, yet it never creates any rift between the two of you, because friends are accepting and forgiving.

 But my thought got clouded when I started work. Office friends have a different equation. My friends of office are somewhat towards a selfish mode. They are highly demanding, prefer people of same wavelength, and are not at all forgiving. I need to tread carefully to make that friendship last.

 Which makes me wonder, if that is what we need to do with friends, than how do we define friendship?


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