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Wonders of layers

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As I was moving away from the slim side of the scale, getting ready in the morning for office was turning into a task.

Trying to find ways to hide that unwelcome flab, otherwise called my tummy, was making me think innovatively of my wardrobe. Till I discovered the miracle of layers.

How did layers come for my rescue?

I came across an article where the writer swears by the goodness of layered clothing to hide that flab. I thought, if you are already heavy, wont adding more and more clothes to your torso make you look well a bit extra covered?

But not discouraged by the thought, I decided to give it a try. What I did was layer my loose t-shirts with a longer, tighter and dark colored t-shirts or tank t-shirts. And sometimes with lose t-shirts with shirts.

Now did it work? Like hell it did. Which it added more colors, dimension and depth to my dressing, I realised that as the inner t-shirt gave a more free flow to the outer layer, making it rather impossible for anyone to see the flabby tummy.

What I liked best of this style, was the compliments I got. People in office loved my style and think that I slimmed down.

Miracle of layers could not have made me happier.


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