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I have been away from by blog for so long, I feel rather guilty. Since I would rather not make promises, all I can say however is that I would try my level best to be more frequent in my posts.

While I was away, I had been doing a lot of homework on self. Sometimes we get so busy with what we are doing, we tend to neglect or ignore what needs the most attention ‘Self’. And by the time we realise, it’s either that we are already a mess, or are in the process of making a mess.

I too realised the flaw after I had made a complete mess of myself. However, thankfully, a very good and close friend of mine, decided to help me out with all this by being my life couch and showing me light, where I thought none existed earlier.

I can’t say that I am completely out of the wreck; however, now I can proudly say that I am happy to be me. I enjoy my own company and I love to bring smiles on all the faces.

I would be sharing a lot of my own personal experience via my blog, in a hope that it might be able to help someone, or save a soul that needs saving. And I would love to hear your views and comments on what you feel.

Till I pen down more, Stay Happy and Keep Creating.

Love to all.


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An extraordinarily ordinary person who gets excited about little things and get amused by many

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