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Wonders of layers

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As I was moving away from the slim side of the scale, getting ready in the morning for office was turning into a task.

Trying to find ways to hide that unwelcome flab, otherwise called my tummy, was making me think innovatively of my wardrobe. Till I discovered the miracle of layers.

How did layers come for my rescue?

I came across an article where the writer swears by the goodness of layered clothing to hide that flab. I thought, if you are already heavy, wont adding more and more clothes to your torso make you look well a bit extra covered?

But not discouraged by the thought, I decided to give it a try. What I did was layer my loose t-shirts with a longer, tighter and dark colored t-shirts or tank t-shirts. And sometimes with lose t-shirts with shirts.

Now did it work? Like hell it did. Which it added more colors, dimension and depth to my dressing, I realised that as the inner t-shirt gave a more free flow to the outer layer, making it rather impossible for anyone to see the flabby tummy.

What I liked best of this style, was the compliments I got. People in office loved my style and think that I slimmed down.

Miracle of layers could not have made me happier.


Definition Friends

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Friends, one of the most commonly used word and relation. But somehow it has lost its value, definition and importance with time.

 I had a common definition for friendship which I could easily relate to with all my friends. Friends are those who are part of you, but are not you. Does not make sense does it? No it does not to many. It means, friends know you, understand you like they are a part of you. Yet they can be completely different people, with choices contrasting to yours, thoughts different from yours, yet it never creates any rift between the two of you, because friends are accepting and forgiving.

 But my thought got clouded when I started work. Office friends have a different equation. My friends of office are somewhat towards a selfish mode. They are highly demanding, prefer people of same wavelength, and are not at all forgiving. I need to tread carefully to make that friendship last.

 Which makes me wonder, if that is what we need to do with friends, than how do we define friendship?

This one for my mother

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My mom, although the best cook on this planet as per me, is a very fussy eater. She would prefer not to eat stuff which is generally cooked by me.

I know it puts me in a wrong spot, but it’s simply because she is not a big fan of chocolates when it’s baked. And my baking generally revolves around chocolates as it’s my first love.

So while I was recovering from cold and lethargy over a boring Monday, I decided to makes something for my mom, for a change. She is big fan of ginger and lemon. She has to have her cup of lemon and ginger tea to make her day better.

My creation for my mum? Lemon and ginger cookies.

She loved them so much; she has already finished half the stock by herself, with no help what-so-ever from my Dad.


  •  250gm butter
  • 250gm icing sugar
  • 250gm all purpose flour
  • One table spoon lemon rind
  • One teaspoon fresh ground ginger



  • Grate rind off a fresh lemon
  • Take a piece of ginger and roughly beat it up to create a kind of paste or rough small pieces. The aim is, that the pieces should not come in mouth while eating the cookies, but the flavor of the ginger should definately be there in the cookie 
  • In a bowl, mix butter, lemon rind, and ginger pieces. Beat it for some time till the butter is creamy
  • Add sugar to the mixture till mixture turns a little fluffy or doubles up a little
  • Add flour to the mixture.
  • If you feel the need, mix yellow color or lemon essence to the mixture, I on personal account prefer to keep the color and flavors as natural as possible.
  • Cover the mixture with a cling wrap and keep in the fridge for 30 min
  • Preheat the oven on 180° C
  • Take the mixture out of the fridge, take small piece of one teaspoon, make them in small balls and press, or you can give it a desired shape.
  • Put the cookies on a greased cookie plate and put it in the oven
  • Cook it for 15-20 min or till light golden brown
  • Take it out of the oven when done, and let it cool till it’s turned into crispy crunchy constancy

Note: If you want, you can keep the cookie batter in fridge and use to make fresh cookies everyday

Office Fashion Malfunction??!!??

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The luxury that we females enjoy, compared to men, is the wide variety in options in wardrobe. Yet, we end up being so wrong on so many occasions.

The most misused item of female clothing, as per me, would be skirts. Although the most amazing piece of clothing, it’s also the most abused. We don’t really tend to think of the fact that skirts not just have to be of your liking, but they also need to hold the practicality of the place being worn at.

And the perfect places to see these malfunctions are in office. So I came across two females, while walking up to fetch a coffee and both were wearing skirts, which as per me were oh so wrong. While one wore a canvas khaki casual skirt on nice satin formal shirt, other wore a short hemline tulip skirt with sequenced work.

While waiting for my coffee to brew up, I just wondered to myself that if the khaki skirt girl exchanged her skirt with the tulip skirt one, she would look perfect for a party. And if the tulip skirt girl wore the khaki skirt, she would still be so wrong.

End conclusion of this coffee pondering?? That some women need help when getting dressed for office, or maybe they can just buy pencil skirts, they are perfect for office and do wonders to your figure.

 Oh and my office definately needs a better coffee machine.

Chocolate cookie

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When I think about baking, the name cookies give me fright. I was under the impression that cookies require more of baking knowledge and a perfect combination of oven temperature and cookie batter.

But being the stubborn idiot that I am, I decided to catch this cookie bull by its horn. And to my surprise, I learned that cookies are easier and less time consuming than my beloved cakes. The feeling was of pure ecstasy when in front of me was a jar full of crispy, yummy cookies waiting to be eaten.

Here is my story (read ingredients and method) of success


  • 125 gm unsalted butter
  • 85 gm powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 125 gm all purpose floor
  • 1 tbs dark coco powder (even normal coco powder will do)
  • Few chocolate chips for decoration


  • Put your oven on a pre heat on 180° C
  • In bowl mix butter, sugar and vanilla essence till sugar has been mixed and mixture turns a little fluffy.
  • Add flour and cocoa powder and mix into dough.
  • Make small balls, of around one tsp quantity, of cookie balls.
  • Place it on greased baking plate and press them slightly to give a flatter shape.
  • Place a chocolate chip of your liking on the top for decoration; you can do without them as well if you want.
  • Put the tray in the pre heated oven for 12-15 min
  • Take them out, and let them cool. Cookies will be moist when you take them out of oven, you need not worry because they will grow hard and crispy as they cool down.

Your cookies are ready to be consumed by the cookie monster living inside each one of us 🙂

Happy munching and share your experiance with me, so I know how you liked them 😉

Perfect art of ribbons and papers

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Hmm….As any other human on this planet, I love to receive gifts. For me it’s the equation of

More = Merrier

But then again, I love to give gifts just as much. Pampering your loved ones is so nice; especially the smiles you see on their faces before they open the gifts, coz after they open the gifts, at times u see a deep reflection of disappointment.

So when I get someone a gift, I like to take the extra effort of wrapping it on my own. In my family, ironically, no one else seems to have that kind of urge, which sometimes make me wonder if I share the same gene pool.

Many people find the art of gift wrapping a task. They wouldn’t mind standing in the store for minutes and hours to get things wrapped, rather than spend few minutes wrapping it on their own.

I find it easier to just take a good wrapping paper, fold it around the gift, and tie a nice colorful ribbon on top. It not just makes the gift more personal but even adds a bit of chic look to it.

As I say at times, if you have to give a gift, do it with a class 😉

This is just a quick clip of a gift i wrapped

A quick fix up

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There are times when we wish to eat something yummy, something soulful and sinful. But we don’t really feel like going into the long lengthy preparations. Those are the times when our lazy self overtakes the chef side of us and we either stick to something not so amazing for our taste buds, or we switch to something that can be eaten in three easy steps of pick the packet, cut the packet and eat.

If only there was something like taste quick fixes.

I have one for me. Now I’m not saying that what I make is something that is as tasty as a gourmet meal well prepared, but it sure is something that makes me happy and keeps me away from those packet munchies.

One of my quick recipes is called 5 min corn-peas.

It’s basically a corn and pea salad, which taste best when served hot.

This is how the yumminess looks like, very colorful, just how I like it.


  • Small bowl of corn ears
  • Small bowl of peas
  • One small tomato finally chopped
  • One small cube of butter (optional)
  • Dried Italian herbs (Parsley and Basil are my fav choice)
  • Chili flakes
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper


  • In a microwave safe oven, put corn ears and peas and fill the container till the contents are submerged in water.
  • Put the dish in microwave for 5-6 min to boil, settings would depend on your microwave. On general I put the content on micro high as per my microwave.
  • Once our corns and peas are boiled as per our liking, take the container out of microwave and drain the water out.
  • Add chopped tomato, Italian herbs, chili flakes, salt and pepper as per our taste and liking.
  • Add the butter on top; if you’re on a diet you can skip this step.
  • And lightly mix the ingredients till all is mixed and butter has melted.

Your quick fix of corn peas salad is ready and warm to be consumed.

P.S. – This is one healthy dish

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