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Where have all the Gentlemen Gone?

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The way I think in the current world, and the way people behave in the 21st century, it gives me the feeling that maybe I am born in an incorrect era. I still look for gentlemen in men and ladies in females. And each time I go looking, I end up feeling all disappointed.

Simple manners that our parents had taught us so painstakingly seem to have warned off our backs. We are more of barbaric bunch of socialized humans than gentlemen wrongly called beasts.

Today was just another day when I was reminded of how wrong I am when I expect men to show a little decency towards women. It is kind of irritating when you open the door of you office to walk in and a guy walks out from the other end and does not even say thank you. Makes you feel stupid, like you were standing there to open the gates for him.

Makes me question, where have all the gentlemen gone?

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