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Crushing Over Crush

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Now this is more of a confession, I am a die heard romantic and I am addicted to the amazing feeling of having a crush on someone. There I said it (Ohhhh dear). But the fact remains that I love to be in love. Even when I am not in a relation, which is my actual state of relation, I go ahead and develop a crush or an infatuation. I do all sorts of teeny love acts, like admiring them from far, save their messages and read them again and again and maybe even ask them out for a date.

But that’s just about it. I don’t really take it through because I feel relations are more of a more serious stuff and you should only go serious with people who are worth so much attention in life.

I don’t really break hearts or burst into emo tears over crushes or infatuations, it’s just a fun feeling of having your heart skip few beats when someone special pass by. I know I sound completely crazy, and I get a whack on my head a million times by my best friend who thinks I have lost my mind and need a shrink real bad.

And today I was just reminded of how amazing that feeling of having a crush on someone is, when one of my old crushes gone cold, showed up out of nowhere and it was like someone pressed a repeat telecast button. I was falling for him all over again.

My friend is so going to kill me for this, but this feeling, it’s addictive.

Anyone else out there who is just as crazy as I am or am I the only one of her kind?

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