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Fashion Dilemma

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Every morning I am stuck with the same dilemma, of what should I be wearing today, or how am I supposed to mix and match this one.

From what I know from my friends, this is a common situation for most of the girls.

So when I opened up my eyes in the morning today, I visually scanned my wardrobe and finally decided to wear this:

Grey on Black is the safest bet you can make on this planet. And when accompanied with your regular denim, it just adds on to the smartness. Lucky part is that the color combination is so amazing, that you do not need to jump on the accessory bandwagon. So all I wore was my bracelet and a pair of small danglers.

I must confess, I did receive few compliments on this, including that of my mother, who on general is rather shy when it comes to giving compliments


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