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Perfect art of ribbons and papers

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Hmm….As any other human on this planet, I love to receive gifts. For me it’s the equation of

More = Merrier

But then again, I love to give gifts just as much. Pampering your loved ones is so nice; especially the smiles you see on their faces before they open the gifts, coz after they open the gifts, at times u see a deep reflection of disappointment.

So when I get someone a gift, I like to take the extra effort of wrapping it on my own. In my family, ironically, no one else seems to have that kind of urge, which sometimes make me wonder if I share the same gene pool.

Many people find the art of gift wrapping a task. They wouldn’t mind standing in the store for minutes and hours to get things wrapped, rather than spend few minutes wrapping it on their own.

I find it easier to just take a good wrapping paper, fold it around the gift, and tie a nice colorful ribbon on top. It not just makes the gift more personal but even adds a bit of chic look to it.

As I say at times, if you have to give a gift, do it with a class 😉

This is just a quick clip of a gift i wrapped


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