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While I was doing random reading on net lately (yah I do random reading on net as well), I came across a much read blog about ‘being feminine’. It talked about how to be feminine. The writer of the blog suggested that to be feminine a woman should wear dresses, skirts, have long lustrous hair, should paint their nails, wear heels, talk softly, apply makeup and more of such blah-blah. I decided to put a pin on that thought while I stepped out to spend my Sunday with my girlfriends.

While I was enjoying with my friends, one of my girlfriend said, “What’s it about you? Guys can’t seem to stop noticing you?” I followed her vision and ended up looking into a cute face openly checking me out. I did mention he was cute right, so I had to check him out as well.

But what really got my attention was my friend’s statement ‘What’s it about you?’ and I decided to study my friends. Both my friends were dressed as per the ideal ‘Feminine Look’. Dresses, heels, makeup, heavy hanging perfume and perfectly set hair. They looked perfect examples of how a feminine female should look like. Compared to them, I looked dressed down in my denim, t-shirt (Ironically I had bought that t-shirt from guy’s section as I could not find a marvel comic hero t-shirt in girl’s section), sneaker, hair tied up in a bun and sans makeup. Yet I was getting more looks than they were.

How? Why?

And then it dawned on me that being feminine is not about the clothes you wear. It’s not about how you style your hair or how much make up you wear. Being feminine is about how you feel inside your skin. You can wear denims and sneakers and you can still be more of a woman than girls in flowing dresses with high heels. Because being a feminine is about being happy being a female. Speak your mind and being nice to people.

I am happy and proud of myself. When I walk, I walk with my chin up and a smile on my lips. I love myself, however I might be. I am just as comfortable in dresses as I am in denims.

More than how to be feminine, one should focus on why one should be feminine. Many girls think this is the easy way to catch a guy’s attention. Well, which guy would get attracted to you if you are too bothered about your hair, make-up, and dresses showing not showing too much? This just shows how unnatural and artificial you are and just how uncomfortable you are being you. Compared to my friends, I was more comfortable in what I wore, which made it easy for me to carry myself well and have a good time. I was laughing and enjoying myself while my friends were busying fussing over themselves. It’s no wonder guys didn’t notice them.

So my advice to all the lovelies out there is ‘You can’t be feminine or a lady if you can’t be yourself.’ Nothing is more attractive than confidence, be it in a guy or girl. Be happy with who you are and learn to except and enjoy yourself. If you are comfortable in your skin than you are more feminine and attractive than any woman in dresses and makeup.


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  1. Great post! And I agree with you 110% 🙂 I’ve never been a “girly-girl” and when I met my husband in a billards bar I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and flip-flops, and a sparkle in my eye, relaxed shoulders, and easy smile. No wonder he wanted to hang out again!

    • Ha ha ha, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I too feel that when i feel more comfortable and happy, i tend to catch more appreciative attention 😉
      Im glad you liked the post


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